In churches, they were displayed on special occasions. Tapestries were also draped on the walls of castles for insulation during winter, as well as for decorative display. In the Middle Ages and renaissance , a rich tapestry panel woven with symbolic emblems , mottoes , or coats of arms called a baldachin , canopy of state or cloth of state was hung behind and over a throne as a symbol of authority. The iconography of most Western tapestries goes back to written sources, the Bible and Ovid ‘s Metamorphoses being two popular choices. Apart from the religious and mythological images, hunting scenes are the subject of many tapestries produced for indoor decoration. Historical development[ edit ] Tapestries have been used since at least Hellenistic times.

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January is the coldest month of the year in Italy, though its coastal presence on the Mediterranean guarantees milder weather than parts of Northern Europe. The beginning of January enjoys almost 9 hours of sunlight. The length of day increases slightly over the month by about 1.

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You can help by adding to it. July France and America[ edit ] Towards the end of the 18th century the fashion for scenic wallpaper revived in both England and France, leading to some enormous panoramas , like the 20 strip wide panorama, Sauvages de la Mer du Pacifique Savages of the Pacific , designed by the artist Jean-Gabriel Charvet for the French manufacturer Joseph Dufour et Cie showing the Voyages of Captain Cook. Dufour realized almost immediate success from the sale of these papers and enjoyed a lively trade with America.

The Neoclassical style currently in favour worked well in houses of the Federal period with Charvet’s elegant designs. Like most 18th-century wallpapers, the panorama was designed to be hung above a dado. Zuber et Cie’s c. For its production Zuber uses woodblocks out of an archive of more than , cut in the 19th century which are classified as a “Historical Monument”. Among the firms begun in France in the 19th century: Prince in New York.

However, the end of the war saw a massive demand in Europe for British goods which had been inaccessible during the wars, including cheap, colourful wallpaper.


In some cases, it makes sense to restore these items to their former beauty. However, improper antique restoration can decrease or even destroy the value of some pieces. Understanding which items you should have restored and who should do the restoration will save you from making a major mistake with your ancient treasures. Deciding What You Should Restore Everyone has heard the story of an owner who has restored an antique and inadvertently destroyed its value.

However, there are also times when a piece is so unattractive or damaged that it would be far more valuable if it were restored. Understanding the difference between these situations is tricky, but in many cases, it comes down to the antique piece itself.

Antique tapestries had three functions to fulfill: decoration; the addition of warmth and insulation to cold palace and manor walls; and portability between the many homes of the wealthy. The larger the tapestry, the more likely it is that it’s an old one. Manufacturing facilities during the.

Search 10 Best Romantic Vacation Ideas in Florence, Italy Whether you are planning a honeymoon, romantic getaway or a trip with kids, the hotels on our list of Top 10 Florence Hotels all offer something unique: If you want to be right in the center of it all, check into one of the hotels close to the Duomo, the Uffizi and other top attractions. Several hotels on our list offer rooms with spectacular views of the river.

Some are five star properties while other offer more affordable rates. Trinita, overlooking the river Arno. The property is centrally located just steps from the Pitti Palace and the Uffizi Gallery. Enjoy spectacular day and night views of Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River. The hotel is elegantly decorated with light tapestries, antique furniture and a collection of paintings from the s to the s, including a priceless Picasso.

There are 69 guest rooms and suites with antique furniture and original paintings. The hotel also offers several furnished apartments to make your longer stays in Florence more comfortable. Breakfast is served in an elegant breakfast room. The hotel’s signature restaurant specializes in seafood. At night, take a romantic walk along the river and stop for a cocktail at one of the local pubs.

The central location of this hotel will enable you to experience this historic city at its best – early in the morning and late at night.

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Items may be still available for purchase – Inquire This assortment of various formal rugs are designed to work well in a ceremonial setting, or to bring a sense of aged character to a more modern space. Collectors will enjoy the size and quality of these low and high pile carpets that measure on average feet wide and feet long. Runners are a bit narrower but feature the same delicate design and care in the fibers. The age and origin of these rugs make them a must-have for textile collectors.

The history of tapestries dates back to the Greeks after archeologists discovered samples in the desert of the Tarim Basin dating back to the 3rd century BC. Through the years, this craft spread throughout Europe and in the 14th century, various designs were created in both Germany and Switzerland.

Antique Tapestry and Wall Hanging Tapestries Beautiful and Elegant Collection of Antique Tapestries Antique Tapestries — A wall hanging tapestry, simply put, is a textile specifically designed and woven to portray an artistic scene with the intent of hanging it on a wall. An antique tapestry would be one that was produced at least years ago. Antique tapestries are highly sought after collectible items with examples displayed prominently in many museums around the world. Read more … While some wall tapestries can date to the biblical era, most of the great examples known today are from the medieval or Renaissance periods of history.

Nobility and wealthy patrons commissioned tapestries depicting scenes or images of importance. The tapestry served as a large-scale mobile art piece which would have been displayed on the wall of a castle or home and was easily transportable from home to home. For example, a king might have commissioned an antique tapestry with a scene depicting a great victory in battle.

As the king moved to his various palaces or castles the tapestry could be moved along with him as well. Another example could be a religious antique tapestry, commissioned by a religious institution and some would only be displayed at the church or cathedral during certain religious events. Antique tapestries vary in size, and range from items that would cover a single wall of a small room to major works that are massive in size.

Some antique wall hanging tapestry rugs are actually sets or a series of works on a common theme.

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Antique tapestry is a true art. This type of craft has been known to the world for over 4, years. We have already told you about the technique of tapestry weaving, as well as the different types of tapestries and the manner of their execution. In this article, we want to get into the origins of antique tapestries.

An Antique Yomut Asmalyk (Turkmen language, “a thing to be hung) is a textile trapping used in a Turkmen wedding procession. Asmalyks were made in pairs to decorate the flanks of a bride’s wedding camel, and were then hung in her domed, felt-covered tent.

Worth the Trip Posted 3. Before I stopped my truck, I saw what I wanted. The kids said I was crazy. There was a small version of a washstand sort-of-thing. It had had a mirror, three drawers one needed fixing , and a door which needed to be put back on. I loaded it in my truck and took it to my friend to repair. I think it was worth the trip. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not there’s any truth to the saying “One man’s junk is another mans treasure,” let me assure you, there is.

This is what happened to me. One night, while heading home from a night out, I was wandering down the road it happened to be trash night , when I passed a second-hand store and noticed the pile seemed to be unusually large.

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A blend of architectural styles, the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne was constructed over five centuries, explaining the disunity of its design features. When it was built at the end of the 12th century, the cathedral’s meter-wide nave was the widest vaulted structure of its kind in Europe. The wide, Southern Gothic nave is called a “Raymondine.

During the late antique world the canonical art of ancient Egypt was infused with Classical and then Christian art. Tapestries produced during the Coptic Period are testimony to that transformation of style.

OK it has more, but those are the two we’re concerned with today. Many years ago, in the most illustrious pubs of London , pirates and body snatchers did business. Bloody, bare-knuckle fistfights took place. And literary greats — including Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys — found their inspiration. Today, people’s faces flicker less by the light of an oil lantern and more by the screen of an iPad, but they’re still there to enjoy the same things — great ales, warm rooms and happy company.

Here’s where to continue the pub-gathering tradition that Londoners have always done so well:

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Dealer in Asian Art in Paris. Specializing in art from the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. January 18, 6 items Noah’s Ark: Germany 3 item gallery While living in India Michael Beste became fascinated by the arts and traditions of the country and its peoples. On his return to Germany in the mid ‘s, he set up Noah’s Ark – a gallery which reflects his love and respect for the wealth and diversity of India’s culture through the ages.

Main Tag Astronomy Tapestries Description For those in the dating world, if someone you just met doesn’t like stars, planets, asteroids, or exo-planets the way you do, let them know it’s perfectly okay if they don’t like you back.

Written by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers While Milan Milano may not be the first city a tourist thinks of when planning a trip to Italy , it has more than its share of attractions, not to mention history. For all its workaholic reputation as the money and business center of Italy, it’s a city with an influential past and a rich cultural heritage. Augustine was baptized in a basilica that stood at what is now Piazza del Duomo; artists Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, the composer Verdi, the great tenor Enrico Caruso, and designer Giorgio Armani all lived and worked here; Toscanini conducted regularly at La Scala; Napoleon was crowned actually, he crowned himself inside the Duomo; Mussolini founded the Fascist party here; and the entire fashion world looks to Milan’s catwalks twice a year for the season’s fashions.

All this history, not to mention the considerable wealth generated by its favored commercial position, has left Milan with an abundance of art, cultural, and architectural treasures for you to enjoy. The large Piazza del Duomo in front of the cathedral is Metro hub, and you’ll find plenty of things to do near the Duomo. In tiny Piazza dei Mercanti, you will feel as though you’ve stepped back into the Middle Ages as you stand beneath the stone market arcade in front of the 13th-century Palazzo della Ragione.

Walk through it to emerge in front of the world’s most famous opera house. It’s all within a five-minute walk. The massive Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, which the Milanese call just “Il Duomo” is among the world’s largest it holds up to 40, people and most magnificent churches, the ultimate example of the Flamboyant Gothic style. The roof is topped by delicately carved stone pinnacles and the exterior is decorated with 2, marble statues.

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Astley Hall has a wide range of sessions and resources available for schools. Please contact for more information For full information on school visits please download the School Visits Information. For groups and tours please download the Group Visits Information. How to find us By car Chorley is easy to find – just off junction 8 of the M

Another of our fabulous antique needlepoint tapestries, this one is the last of my large Scottish Highlands children – the ones in kilts and in mountain highlands setting with .

Although it is already rare for people to be hanging tapestries in their rooms nowadays— what with the more modern artworks that have been cropping up— these olden works of arts are still wonderful room accents that can change the look of the room in one second. Here are some of the functions that tapestries have in rooms. If you have these interior problems, think about it. Tapestries may just be your answer. Bare wall With a large bare wall and a high ceiling, the tapestries is the best and cheapest way to dress the room up and fill up the space.

Although most people would want to hang a painting, sometimes buying these pieces of artwork can be very expensive especially those that are large in size. Besides, it is not often that you will find such a large painting. You will have to customized the fit by commissioning an artist to actually paint one for the wall.

16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Milan

As an alternative to holiday cocktails, warm-up with afternoon tea at one of our recommended locales, from traditional luxury hotels to homey, rustic cafes. We recommend a stroll through the gardens to walk off the food coma and Champagne buzz. The couple recreates the quintessential English tea market with items that are hard to find stateside—think Heinz baked beans and Cadbury chocolate. Next door, guests can enjoy a homemade afternoon tea of rhubarb crumble, custard, and orange scones, served on shabby-chic, mismatched floral china.

Malibu, California Situated atop a hill in Malibu, The Getty Villa museum recreates an ancient Roman country house and gardens, and the afternoon tea is consistent with the Mediterranean theme.

With pride he showed me three stories of perfect antiques, rooms and rooms of beds, tapestries, handiwork, tables, wardrobes, mirrors, chairs, paintings, vanities, and all the makings of a.

A form of textile art hand-woven on a freestanding vertical loom, tapestries date as far back as Hellenic times. The oldest-preserved Greek tapestry, which dates to the third century B. But most tapestries are not that old. A few telltale clues can help you approximate its age and authenticity, but to determine its value and actual age, you need the services of a textile appraiser.

Threading the Tapestry The warp, which serves as the base for the tapestry , tapestry, has yarns or threads aligned horizontally or vertically, depending on the loom, with a space between them for weaving the weft threads. The colored weft threads ran under and over the warp to depict the scene or motto of the tapestry. Early tapestries from the 14th century — now mostly in museums or private collections — were typically made from hand-woven and dyed wool, linen or cotton.

But finer quality tapestries have weft threads made from silk; top-end tapestries for the royal or the rich were made with silver- or gold-gilt weft threads.