Plato articulated the legend of Atlantis. Ancient writers like Plutarch , Strabo and, more explicitly, Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy , testified to the real existence of the Canary Islands. The Middle Ages saw the emergence of a new set of legends about islands deep in the Atlantic Ocean. These were sourced in various places, e. The peoples of the Iberian peninsula , who were closest to the real Atlantic islands, and whose seafarers and fisherman may have seen and even visited them, [3] articulated their own tales. Medieval Andalusian Arabs related stories of Atlantic island encounters in the legend of the 9th-century navigator Khashkhash of Cordoba told by al-Masudi [4] and the 12th-century story of the eight Maghurin Wanderers of Lisbon told by al-Idrisi.

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In , the first WSOP at Binion’s Horseshoe took place as a series of cash games that included five-card stud , deuce to seven low-ball draw , razz , seven-card stud , and Texas hold ’em. The winner in , Johnny Moss , was elected by his peers as the first “World Champion of Poker” and received a silver cup as a prize. The winner of each event receives a World Series of Poker bracelet and a monetary prize based on the number of entrants and buy-in amounts. Over the years, the tournament has grown in both the number of events and in the number of participants.

The victor receives a multi-million dollar cash prize and a bracelet, which has become the most coveted award a poker player can win. In , a five-card stud event was added.

Erik Koch ( MMA, UFC) is in his past six UFC appearances dating back to September Koch is since returning to the UFC lightweight division in February

Biological evolution is change in the characteristics of living organisms over generations. Despite your vastly superior tastes in music and fashion, you probably look vaguely like your parents, just as they look vaguely like their parents. For all of recorded history, people have looked more or less the same: Hairdos differed, but the basic body plan stayed the same for as far back as the history books go.

But if you were to go back further in time, a couple million years before anybody figured out how to write, your ancestors would still have two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, a head sitting atop an oblong body with two arms and legs. But they would have more hair. And maybe not quite as much smarts. They would be much better at climbing trees, though. If you went further back in time, the arms would be front legs. Even further back in time, the fur would be scales.

Really far back in time, there wouldn’t be any legs at all, just fins for swimming. Evolutionary theory argues that all the organisms alive on Earth today share a common ancestor.

What Were the First 10 Items In the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum?

Rikki Chadwick is one of main characters who became a mermaid in the Australian television series, H2O: She is portrayed by actress Cariba Heine. She also appears in the last 2 episodes of the third season of the spin-off series Mako: Contents [ show ] Biography Unlike Cleo and Emma, Rikki’s family is more broken up because her mother isn’t around.

Season Seven continues with Dexter caring for his son, Serial killer, from people staring at her and taking pictures to even suspecting one of her boyfriends Gabriel of simply dating her for the purpose of using her as a story Dexter Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Pero sa ikalawang araw ay mas dinagsa ito ng mga tao dahil sa ‘Wowowee. Ang kasikatan ng pangtanghaling palatuntunan at ng host nitong si Willie Revillame ay pinagtagumpayan nito dahil sa rami at kapal ng taong dumating sa araw na iyon. Marami ang may dala na mga ‘placards’ para ipakita ang suporta nila kay Willie at sa paborito nilang programa. Magsisimula na ang paglabas ni Willie sa entablado’t papunta pa lamang kami sa aming VIP seats courtesy of Millie and Atty.

Gurfinkel ay medyo nahirapan kami ng aking kasama nang papunta na kami sa aming upuan. Walang gustong magparaan sa amin medyo na-alarma nga ako dahil sa kapal ng taong aking nakita’t baka magkaroon na naman ng “stampede! Mabuti na lamang at kapit-kamay naming niragasa ang makapal na tao para makarating sa ‘walkway’ kung saan maraming SFO Police ang nakatalaga at tumulong para maging maayos ang sekyuridad. May barikada rin na nakapalibot sa mga VIP seats sa unahan ng stage para hindi maipit ang mga nasa unahan.

Umakyat sa stage si Dr. Vicki Belo na mayroon ding sariling booth sa Fiesta Filipiniana at bumati sa mga taong nagsipanood. Naroon din ang pinuno ng TFC na si G.

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Share An island stretching from within the Arctic Circle south to about 59 degrees N. In shape it more or less resembles a triangle, its apex pointing south, its base facing north, in which direction its extent has not been precisely ascertained. Its area has been estimated at about square miles. The interior of this huge island is a plateau rising gradually towards the east, above which a few mountain peaks tower to a height of more than 13, feet.

Immense fields of ice, varying in thickness, are lodged on the island, and, on the coast here and there, form steep walls launching mighty glaciers towards the ocean, where, caught by the currents, they drift southwards.

Santos attempts to lead a people’s revolt in Colombia to overthrow the Presidente. When his revolt fails and he is killed, his sister Christina goes to New York to find McBain, a lieutenant Santos rescued during the Vietnam War.

Watch more in iWantv or TFC. One of his popular parodies about God and religion is called “Dasalan at Tocsohan”. It was written in His own funny and sarcastic insights may be proof that one of the paths to enlightenment is comedy. Excerpts from “Dasalan at Tocsohan” by Marcelo H. Panginoon ko at kaauay ko na inihihibic kong lalo sa lahat, nagtitica akong matibay na matibay na dina muli-muling mabubuyo sa iyo: Saulan mo cami ngayon nang aming kaning iyonh inaraoarao at patauanin mo kami sa iyong pagungal para nang pag papataua mo kung kami nacucualtahan; at huag mo kaming ipahintulot sa iyong manunukso at iadya mo kami sa masama mong dila.

Santa Baria Ina nand Deretsos, ipanalangin mo kaming huag anitan ngayon at cami ipapatay. Sambahin mo ang Fraile na lalo sa lahat. Huag kang mag papahamak manuba nang ngalang deretsos. Mangilin ka sa Fraile lingo man at fiesta. Huag kang mamamatay kung uala pang salaping pang libing Ang ikanim: Huag kang makiapid sa kanyang asaua. Huag mo silang pagbibintangan, kahit ka masinungalingan.

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Since that time, he earned his first victory in the Series at Kansas Speedway on October He will pilot the No. Joining Bell fulltime next season will be Brandon Jones behind the wheel of the No. Chris Gabehart will handle the crew chief duties for the team in Preece competed in three races for JGR this season and earned a top-five finish in each, including his first-career win at Iowa Speedway.

Waiver Wired: Week 9’s top pickups. Adam Levitan examines the best players to pick up heading into Week 9.

Allan Syria – Apr Just been to the Old City today, looking for genuine Damaschin things to buy for my daughters. Wandered around parts of the Old City without a map, knowing the sun was in South. I was the only foreigner around for obvious reasons, which was kind of nice since everybody said “hello”, offered me tea or fresh orange juice yummie! Towards Bab Sharq, I found a shop with furniture etc. According to the shop owner, it is hand made, he showed me his workshop, and I will go back and buy some of his things since finishing and design was really nice – and hand made, nor produced by a machine.

Got to get to know the full story of Dimasq! Bojana Bartol Slovenia – Feb There is no city in the Middle East that can offer such a beautiful and authentic old town as Damascus.

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Castra Batava] Passau II: The Alpine Forelands lie south of the Granite Plateau. Gypsy camp in Burgenland S of Vienna near Hungary. Labor Education Camp] Marianberger Komturia: Overland Town Vienna Bahamas:

CCBI maintains records of Wake County arrest data only for offenses outlined in North Carolina General Statute § 15A CCBI criminal arrest records are available dating back to April 27,

Reconstruction The prizes Each Nobel Prize consists of a gold medal, a diploma bearing a citation, and a sum of money, the amount of which depends on the income of the Nobel Foundation. A Nobel Prize is either given entirely to one person, divided equally between two persons, or shared by three persons. In the latter case, each of the three persons can receive a one-third share of the prize or two together can receive a one-half share.

Sometimes a prize is withheld until the following year; if not then awarded, it is paid back into the funds, which happens also when a prize is neither awarded nor reserved. Two prizes in the same field—i. If a prize is declined or not accepted before a set date, the prize money goes back into the funds. Some prizes have been declined by their winners, and in certain instances governments have refused to allow their citizens to accept them.

In some cases, the refuser later explained the real reason behind the refusal and was granted the Nobel gold medal and the diploma—but not the money, which invariably reverts to the funds after a certain period of time.

Waiver Wired: Week 9’s top pickups

Quartzite is the raw material of choice, whereas flint is scarce, but both are represented among the handaxes Fig. The Levallois method is absent. The cave is part of the Almonda karst system, a labyrinthine network of passages containing a number of former entrances with Pleistocene infillings completely sealed by roof collapses. This system is formed of passages excavated at different elevations whose intersections with the m-high escarpment rising above the extant spring of the Almonda River, a tributary of the Tagus River, correspond to fossil outlets of its subterranean course Fig.

Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Oliver is a Power Ranger veteran and considered a legend among the Ranger community. He is often considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time, having been part of four Power Ranger teams over the years.

The Visigoths were crushed and for almost three centuries a revived Christian kingdom, Asturias, could do little more than cling to the north coast and the northwest corner of Iberia. Nevertheless, more than one Christian state eventually organized and gradually reconquered the peninsula. There were at different times up to five different Spanish Christian kingdoms. These were all eventually consolidated. Spain was sometimes styled an “empire.

Alfonso never went to Germany, distracted by civil war and rebellion , and it was already clear that the Pope had no intention of crowning him. The entire peninsula can be called, in a geographical sense, without ambiguity, Iberia. Similarly calling the whole peninsula “Spain,” however casually, can evoke impassioned responses. Spain now is a country that is distinct from Portugal. On the other hand, in Latin, Hispania was the whole peninsula.

It may have been Philip II who issued the first decree for “these realms of Spain. So the official use of “Spain” seems to have initially and in fact been for the whole peninsula.

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