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But his rise to social media stardom was a bumpy one. But he tore his ACL and began on a dark path of robbery and petty theft. In , Harris served a two-and-a-half year term for robbery and credit card abuse convictions in federal prison. When he got out, the young southern native, now ex-con, had a baby on the way. Harris said the job made his nose bleed. His short videos on Instagram which only allowed videos to be 15 seconds in length about relationships, family and football brought him to the attention of media mogul Russell Simmons who eventually became his mentor.

Harris massed more than 1. He used his newfound celebrity status to advertise for multiple companies seeking to use new media to promote their products. It made me desperate. Before I knew it, it got real. Many often citing depression from not being able to get a job, family issues, or just adjusting to life on their own after being inside for a certain period of time.

King Keraun

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Wednesday, 10 February Keraun Harris,how he went from prisoner to rich media personality in 6 years! Keraun Harris Another proof that no matter your situation in life,as long as you are still alive and healthy,you can go from zero to hero in 10 seconds. The inspiring story below of Keraun,one of the most lauded and successful black men in America today solidifies this,read on On his 21st birthday, Keraun Harris received a non-traditional birthday drink: Harris, a Houston native, was serving a two-and-a-half year sentence at the Texas State Penitentiary, the first of two prison stays he did for robbery and credit card abuse.

And around the time of that cup of coffee, he said, he had a realization: Six years later, Harris has turned things around in dramatic fashion.


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Play, streaming, watch and download King Keraun – Henny Dick (Major Deal Theme Song) video (), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. King Keraun plays a .

Since she was a young girl, Devyn Simone has had a keen interest in what makes relationships tick — absorbing all the information on human interaction and bonding she could get her hands on. Devyn delivers pointed, personal consultations that give men and women the tools they need to overhaul their approach to dating and meeting new people. Devyn Simone always knew she was destined to help people. From a young age, she was consumed by questions on how couples form bonds and what makes for healthy relationships.

After spending her adolescent years collecting research, both from books and personal experience, Devyn established herself as an authority, even in her teens, as someone who could give great relationship advice. She was the host of a top teen talk show and was crowned Miss American Teen before she was Though she appeared on two more MTV shows, she was still driven by her first passion: Devyn Simone delivers personalized matchmaking services to help clients meet their ideal partner.

The two friends met for dinner one night and, for kicks, started looking through Tinder. Devyn laughed as she remembered the moment. The show is now broadcasted on international networks, and viewers still message Devyn and Clinton about how the duo inspired them. After that adventure, Devyn decided to focus on a more personalized brand of matchmaking.

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Simone Shepherd Hell Date: Simone was part of the prank dating show on Black Entertainment Television, it was produced from Los Angeles and Atlanta. Some of the celebs who participated in the show are- Daheli Hall, Nichole A. Joubert,Chenese Lewis, Dawan Owens among others.

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Exclusive: Russell Simmons, Keraun Harris, Simone Shepherd’s “Crazy Baby Mama” Debate

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Keraun and Simone prepare for a video shoot. Keraun and Simone are a bona fide social media power couple. Together, they’re trying to expand their online empires, and extend their careers by branching into more traditional Hollywood acting roles.

I hope I’m not out of line in assuming that Vine is probably a fully integrated part of your internet experience by now. The platform, launched in , blew everyone away with its success, especially considering its rather limiting 6 second format. Soon people couldn’t stop fixating on how much money these mostly millennial creators were making on the app, and how it had spawned a new breed of internet celebrity.

Keraun Harris “King Keraun” and Simone Shepherd have over three million followers on Vine between them and make Vine videos in their home every day. Simone was a struggling actress and Keraun had spent time in prison before making it big on the platform. Using Vine, they both turned everything around and become major influencers.

They make hella bank. We can only imagine what Vine personalities fetch paycheck-wise in the year Their future plans include organic product integration think branded appliances on cooking shows and a sharp move away from 6 seconds product placements. And what’s it like to be a couple who does business together on Vine? The pair say that mixing business and personal does cause rifts but that they never compete against each other because their industry is already hard enough without that particular added pressure.

Simone doesn’t mind that her content is often classified as content for “black vine” and says her viewers are often black women in their 20s and 30s–just like her.

King Keraun And Simone Shepherd Introduce ’30 Days To Life’ Web Series

While attending Winston Salem State University on a full academic scholarship, she became an undeniable leader in multiple arenas. She studied immunology and infectious disease and graduated in a stunningly impressive 3. In efforts to continue her work, Dr. Gillette worked on her project during a post-doctoral position at the University of North Carolina.

Upon observing that there were few that looked like her along her trajectory, she redirected her career in efforts to make an impact in STEM diversity.

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Better known online as King Keraun, he is a social media phenomenon who established himself on Instagram by using the network’s second video feature. He then started gaining traction on the 6-second video app Vine. He admitted that he tried to steal bullets from a gun shop, and a retired police officer in the store confronted him. He began his Instagram career in late His social media fame led him to hosting parties at clubs in the biggest cities, like Houston, Miami and Atlantic City.

It made me desperate. Before I knew it, it got real. As if King Keraun wasn’t excelling in hollywood fast enough the king partnered with mentor Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital to star in his very first feature film “Major Deal” The film was a success as it topped to iTunes movies charts for more than 3 weeks in a row.

Keraun continues to work on video content in Los Angeles and continues to be a shining star for Houston and the success that he achieves. We wish Keraun the best in his effort to achieve success and fame. Follow King Keraun’s Social Platforms.

Exclusive: Russell Simmons, Keraun Harris, Simone Shepherd’s “Crazy Baby Mama” Debate


Keraun Harris, better known as King Keraun on social media, is a Houston-born actor, comedian, and Instagram star who’s appeared on Insecure and Black-ish. But his rise to social media stardom was a bumpy one. Harris was born on January 17th, as the eldest of five children of Derrick Harris, a.


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Sep 01,  · HipHollywood caught up with the cast of All Def Digital’s ‘Major Deal’ to talk about “crazy” baby mamas.


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