She currently hosts the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. Contents [ show ] History It is mentioned that Rachel’s hamster had died when she was six, which had resulted in her family calling Dr. Arkwright , a therapist, to help her get over her hamster’s death. It is also implied that Rachel had a rocky relationship with her father, Mr. Dare , even before Percy Jackson met her. Dare is a highly accomplished businessman. Rachel doesn’t like her father because he tears down wildlife, which in the end, played a part in fading the wildlife god, Pan. Percy first meets Rachel at the Hoover Dam , where he mistakes the sound of her blowing her nose for a skeleton soldier speaking, and tries to run his sword through her, but it doesn’t harm her because she’s mortal.

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Sooo, I really love Waitress and it’s so underrated so my goal today is to give you one song from it! Kimiko Glenn is beautiful and perfect and I love her, and guess what? She sings this song in Waitress!

So Percy and Athena are cousins, and Annabeth is Percy’s 1st cousin once removed. The Wikipedia article Laws regarding incest states that 1st cousins once removed have a 5th degree of kinship and are therefore permitted to do anything they want to each other in most countries.

MarvellouslyWondrous So sure, when she looked to the crashing waves to see a dark haired guy in a purple shirt pacing furiously in the surf, shouting at the thrashing ocean, she decided to just go with it. Okay, this is something I’m not entirely happy with, but I thought, why not? Basically, it’s the same dream sequences I’ve been following thus far, but now Piper gets her change to meet out illustrious leader. Piper may not be entirely likeable in this fic, but that’s genuinely because I believe this is what she’d be thinking.

A boy she loves might have a girlfriend he can’t remember? That would weigh on my mind a fair bit too I suspect. You’ll either love her or hate her, but I for one can appreciate a main female character that actively tries to defy the norm. This exchange is not everything I wanted it to be but I had a good try I think.

I dream sweet dreams of ownership, but alas, it’s not to be. I hope you enjoy it and I’d really appreciate feedback for this one; it’s baffled me so. I’ve received so many favourites and alert notifications since I started these stories that it’s staggering! I am truly, truly humbled and very grateful. I’m so happy that people have found enjoyment in the products of my little day dreams.

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In his most recent appearance in The Hidden Oracle , the seventeen-year-old Percy states that he and his girlfriend Annabeth Chase plan to finish senior year in New York before he heads to New Rome University. He is also a notably good swordsman. Throughout the series, Percy fights by using a ballpoint pen named Anaklusmos Ancient Greek for “Riptide” that changes into a “celestial bronze” sword.

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Suneater Dating isn’t in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she’s working her way to a major promotion. Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper’s friend, Percy in order to boost her love life. The date doesn’t go that bad. Annabeth isn’t ready for a relationship, but she may have an arrangement that can work Rated: Sorry this is getting to you a little late in the day.

I want to say thank you for all the reviews I’ve gotten on the story, I really appreciate them. Another big thank you to ananbeth on tumblr for being an amazing beta and helping make this story happen. Annabeth twists her slowly cooling cup of coffee in her hands. There’s something cliche about sitting in a coffee shop staring out the window and watching the sun rise but here she is anyways. Jason will be here in a few minutes, giving her a little more time to watch the colors reflect off darkened windows across the street.

These once a week early morning meetings started after Annabeth graduated and moved out of their shared apartment. She and Jason use it as a chance to catch up without Piper pestering them or making jokes about her ‘pair of sexy blonds.

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She was nicknamed “Wise Girl” by Percy. When he first saw her, Percy described Annabeth as “pretty” with blond hair curled “like a princess’s”. After Percy heals from the Minotaur attack, Annabeth hears that he is to go on a quest search and she wants to go along, thinking Percy is “the one” from The Great Prophecy.

Piper sat tense and straight as Rachel prophesied a prophesy, which could make or break Percy. “Daughter of love, thou shall no longer ne free, Son of Sea long shall thou wander.

Edit Annabeth first appears in The Lightning Thief at age twelve. She initially was nicknamed “Wise Girl” and she sometimes calls Percy “Seaweed Brain” instead of his actual name. While he is recovering from his battle wounds, she fed him ambrosia and nectar , food and drink of the gods, in the Big House. The first words she spoke to him were, “You drool when you sleep,” though this was once he was conscious, having earlier asked him about the summer solstice when feeding him ambrosia.

Afterward, she is very hostile toward him. She could not understand why he was the one for the Great Prophecy, and even used him as bait without telling him so she could go get the flag. She was also standing close to him during the Capture the Flag match and watched him try and take down Clarisse with little success until he lands in the water and regains strength and power.

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SotF Apocalypse How Jormungandr said: Unfortunately, such thought and planning is beyond the average PJ writer, going by what’s on FFn. Annabeth believed dead There’s been some hints that she might be alive and ending up elsewhere There were three stories in that series, and the twins only show up in the second one and it’s only revealed what actually happened to put them in that position in one of the last chapters of the third where Hera seems to be taking some form of revenge on the two for something else, and with the developing situation between that Percy and Artemis, well, that’s when he gets a hint that Annabeth could be alive.

The first seemed to be more of a take on Percy dealing with losing Annabeth, the second has Jason and Piper finding the Twins who have reverted to Demigod status and taking them to camp Third one continues that train of thought, discovering that the twins memories were tampered with similarly to what happened to Jason.

Piper McLean is one of the Greek demigods at Camp Half-Blood. She is a daughter of Aphrodite and actor Tristan Mclean. As well as she is one of the seven in the Prophecy of Seven. She is currently dating the Roman demigod son of Jupiter, Jason Grace. Piper McLean is also one of the main.

SpitKill This is a PercyX? There will be a lot of pairings and this is erotic fiction. Lemons will be in every chapter with a different girl. After the Titan war Percy becomes the God of Sex, replacing an old God who was ready to be done with his duites and pass it on to a younger candidate. Even though I had an honorary cabin here and all, I still wanted to just stay in father’s old cabin just to remember all the great memories that came through here. Shit I lost my virginity to Annabeth here probably five years ago now.

The water fountain still shined brightly and the room still smelled of a wonderful sea breeze. The meetings here at Camp Half Blood were pretty easy going, people still saw me as the leader of the camp and I got a lot of respect here. I was one of the few Gods like Artemis who could interfere with mortal lives. It was on my conditions list when I became a God. It is a little different though, all the older girls, taken or not, flirted with me or just tried to eye fuck me, which was a little uncomfortable.

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But when three girls arrive at Camp, each wielding powers that could rival the gods, they realise another war is fast approaching, with these girls in the middle of it. But who are they? Annabeth Chase is a famous actress building her empire in L.

Annabeth Chase is a fictional character in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. She is a demigod, meaning she is half-mortal and half god. Her father is the mortal Frederick Chase and her mother is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, crafts, arts, and battle strategy.

Tom Marvolo Riddle 2 Percy has been occused of a crime he didn’t commit. Now the Olympian council has sentance him back into Tartarus as punishment. Rated Kplus for some darkness, angsty character, sadness, ect. Not even a total of ten reviews. I can’t not update. It’d be wrong To deprive y’all of a story you like. So anyway, here’s chapter Three. We made it to Camp Jupiter in record time.

Heroes of Olympus: Piper is Claimed