After producing three multi-platinum smashes in their first three outings as a group, the rapid-rhyming quintet that put Cleveland on the hip hop map took the next step toward world domination by going on hiatus to embark upon solo careers. In the aftermath of ‘s successful “The Art of War,” an epic double-album in an era where double-albums were symptoms of rap superstardom, members Flesh-N-Bone, Krayzie Bone, and Bizzy Bone released solo albums while the group took pains to establish the extended Mo Thugs Family in a string of collective compilations and related side projects. Krayzie, Layzie, and Flesh even attempted their own ill-fated record labels, ThugLine Records, Mo Thugs Records, and Flesh Bone Incorporated, respectively, and each rapper took turns making the rounds with high-profile guest appearances. To say that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony had a lot on their plates heading into the new millennium would be an understatement, and rumors of the group’s splintering were by no means unusual. For one thing, its February, release meant that the world had survived the impending apocalypse that the new millennium posed and the group had so feared. But more importantly, it was a reassembly of the crew after a long three years which failed to produce a follow-up to “The Art of War. The breakup rumors and haters’ expectations are heavy on the group’s heart as Bizzy kicks off the album’s opener “Show Em”: Will they prosecute me?

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Martin’s work for television, giving us all the dragons and swordplay and bloody nuptials that fans of the books would expect. Not everything’s the same though, and while adaptations can’t always be percent true to their source material, a few scenes in the show seem head-scratchingly incongruous. Here, then, is our shortlist of Game Of Thrones scenes that would never happen in the books. What difference does it make?

A lot, when it comes to Daenerys’ character.

[Intro – Layzie Bone] “Twinkle, twinkle” “Twinkle, twinkle” [Hook/Chorus – Wiz Khalifa] Might as well reach for the stars Way up in the air where you’ll be alone Might as well reach for the stars Even if you don’t make it, you’ll still be.

Soundtrack Lyrics See I got what you need. If I ain’t got it. I’m going get it. See i ain’t hard to find. They call me Silkk the Shocker. But you can call me Mr.


After waiting about 18 years, buying the tickets in May and then anxiously anticipating the date for the next 2 months or so, June 29 finally arrived. I woke up on that morning way too early. I was too excited to sleep.

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Big B] See we loosin this world we love And it looks like the sinnin won’t end So I’m reachin high up above Lord, let your blessings begin [Hook x4: Big B] And let’s change the world, and let’s change the world [Flesh Bone: Could it be for the rush rush? Nigga tryna go platinum ’round 40 years old The Lord know we can do this shit It ain’t no stoppin us now ’cause we can prove this shit Nigga me, Stew D, PD, Freaky G The whole world wanna be ridin with me I’m in the flesh, let’s talk about sex Babies havin babies, Generation X With the AIDS epidemic, we ain’t pure no more And I know they gotta cure for this shit, we ain’t rich First we lost Eazy, then we lost Pac Biggie got killed, when this shit gon’ stop?

I got my guns, better arm yourself Most don’t have a clue, if it goes down what to do? Don’t you know this government ain’t built for me and you I have a dream, no, I have a wish If we can’t save ourselve, then let’s save the kids Let the world go, let these babies have somethin Let the world go, just don’t blow this muthafucka up You kill him, he’ll kill you Some say it stupid but violence really lives where I come from Hungry little kids where I come from Thugs like me where I come from [Krayzie Bone:

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: ,

Line up and head for the slaughterhouse clown man. You are not capable to think for yourself so I guess it is time to cut your losses. Just a burden on the rest of humanity.

(Hook) Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me Would ya look into my eyes Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me Could ya tell me what you see Local niggas, got me fucked up Bone Thugs bitch Runnin’ and we thuggin’ it up Look at a creepin’ on ah come up Ooooh, we don’t wanna murda ya, and it’s so mysterious.

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Yeah, come on, come on, come on. Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo. Black nigga killa, killa, killa, killa Eazy-E: The motherfuckin’ real thugs is in t… Breakdown Break break down Steady breakin’ me on down, break break do… Breakdown Mariah Carey Ft. Man… Down foe My Thang Layzie: Creepin’ up outta the woods, gotta give love to… East East nineteen ninety nine my niggas Thinkin’ bout back in… Ecstacy Krayzie What’s happenin nigga? Dealer Hell yeah, what’s… Ecstasy What’s happening nigga?

Hell yeah, what’s up my nigga, ai… Eternal Where you from nigga? Gotta make that money, man. Krayzie Bone] Indeed if I fall. O… Moe Cheese Shatasha For tha love of money.

Master P – Hook It Up (feat. Silkk The Shocker, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

Bone, Bone, Bone [Krayzie] Who be the niggas that’s sneakin’ the pistol up in the party Drinkin’ that Bacardi Drunk and finna fuck up somebody Bone Thugs Keepin’ it realer than real in the field Niggas that’s packin’ that steel Who be the niggas that soldover 30 million strong Bone Thugs Who be the niggas in black Who be the niggas with straps Who be the niggas that’s bustin’ back at the got-damned law Bone Thugs Smokin’ the weed or the fever, the reefer that keep em a pot of the sweetest cheeba Nigga y’all

CREEPIN ON AH COME UP, Bone thugs-n-harmony. Intro Thuggish Ruggish Bone No Surrender. I Got Yo Back Backdoor Two Hits And Pass Summertime Before I Die Mothers Reminisce. GUEST APPEARANCES. Hook it Up. Look Into My Eyes (clean) The Points (Bone’s verses only) Shoot Em Up War. RADIO EDITS.

Here is a list that I made of about 40 thangs that not that many people might know about Bone. The first verse from Krayzie Bones “Drama” was originally going to be used in “Family Tree”, and was used in the pre-release 2. Rumor has it while recording “Shoot em Up” Bizzy was battling a minor cold. If you play the beginning of “Da Introduction” from “E. Also, when you play Mr. Layzie’s original stage name was “Bizzy,” but was later changed because, ” Bizzy was busier then him. Thug Queen auditioned for Krayzie over the phone, Powder went to Krayzie’s home, and Felecia jumped on stage at a concert.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at the Middle East

And, Wally, even though you’re gone, gone, gone you’ve still got love from bone, bone, bone My nigga, just rest your soul, soul, soul and we’ll see you at the Crossroad [Krayzie] I’ll never get over what some nigga told me: Why my nigga took a fall? Saw my nigga try to swing them dums, in the war so we lost him But, damn, why did ya have to kill ‘um? I never did think it’d be one of my trues to get caught up in redrum I sit and I pray everyday: Bone I’m feelin’ all in the dumps, and all of a sudden, I’m so alone Stay strong and hold on to a lifetime of memories You’re livin’ off in my prayers Gotta let the Man upstairs know that somebody cares Just wait, and I’ll be there [Bizzy] When I heard the word at Kerm’s, Shorty said, “Oh, my Lord,” Layin’ on the curb on a hundred and twenty-third, bled, dead to the world How bad?

And what about Looney, now?

– Master P, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony And Silkk The Shocker Hook It Up Producer – Craig B, KLC Written-By – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Master P, Silkk The Shocker.

I am waiting for the righteous one Enlighten us the righteous one I am waiting for the righteous one Enlighten us the righteous one Are you waiting for the righteous one? We can make a mil take a mil tell me how that paper feel Is he real is he real? Would it make a nigga kill for the house on the hill? Drive a brand new Benz and no bills?

Fuckin right it will that’s why I stay heated Cause I got to let’em know a nigga’s needed Nigga fuckin with me while I’m weeded Comin with the beef then nigga you eat it,eat it,eat it! Chorus I am waiting for the righteous one Enlighten us the righteous one Are you waiting for the righteous one? With the faith of titans with your beauty enlighten us Verse 2 Bizzy Bone And you’re feeling so thuggish outta Columbus Seen my mama?

I bought a Mercedes, a crib for my babies And lately got him running from Lady Death, still I’m shady Okay they say he schizophrenic and crazy Back in the 80’s tryna get up out the foster homes in dreams a teen And now my mama lets me down She wouldnt pick up the phone I’ll make it all on my own But that’s a whole other song and y’all don’t leave it alone! I save then baby, c’mon! Murderous, somebody noticed when I strike through the killing fields, dead!

Bone Thugs ft. Master P & Silkk the Shocker – Hook it Up